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On this site you will find in the moment some Maps/Level which I have made for the game "Quake 3 Arena".

- Evil Machina -

Another rebuild of a map from the "Hired Team Trial"-Demo (Deus Ex Machina made by Crrush)...

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- Evil Machina TA -

The "Team Arena" version from Evil Machina. In this version I've replaced the "Plasmagun" with the "Chaingun", the "Shotguns" with "Nailguns" and the "Grenadelauncher" with a "Proxlauncher".

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- A Prison for wicked Clowns -

A small deathmatch map for Quake 3 Arena. A Prison with a Prisonyard and 4 Watchtower....

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- A Prison for wicked Clowns TA -

The "Team Arena" version from A Prison for wicked Clowns. This version is a bit more fun, because the TA Weapons are damn fine. I love the "Chaingun", the power and the sound. I've changed also the "Skybox" in this version.

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- rtsindm1 -

Small deathmatch map for Quake 3 Arena. Original made by Richard Tompkins for Sin and Quake 2.

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